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We get our ingredients fresh every week from local dairy farms, and produce the ice cream right here in our store!

Our fearless leader, Brett, has been making ice cream for the last 30 years, and he's been creating amazing flavors at FRESH. Local Ice Cream since 2011. Originally from New York, Brett now lives in North Carolina, and his mission is to provide everyone in Raleigh the freshest and most delicious local ice cream possible.


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FRESH. Press and Word of Mouth


FRESH expanding to Downtown Cary.

FRESH. Local Ice Cream now has a shop on Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh and will expand into Cary in spring 2017. The Hillmans, the owners, expect to open their second location in on East Chatham Street."

News & Observer


It's Lit.

“If you are a lover of basic, good ice cream, this is your go to. Definitely no frills here, but they do not need it given how delicious the product is.”

Welcome to Raleighwood Blog


FRESH Dedication.

“FRESH is dedicated to offering you the freshest and most delicious ice cream and giving you a fun environment to enjoy it.”

Fred Anderson Nissan of Raleigh Blog


Cow to Cone.

“The ice-cream base comes from Jackson Dairy farm in Dunn, a small all-natural dairy that delivers daily. And that’s how Hillman makes the ice cream: daily. A scoop of his famous ‘Peanut Butter Cup” in its recyclable container is usually only hours old.”

Walter Magazine


Best in Raleigh.

“Love the coconut almond crunch ice cream. It's like eating a frozen Almond Joy. They also make milk shakes from any ice cream they have. Yum!”




The Hormone Free Scoop.

"One evening, I stopped by FRESH for dessert. This [Chocolate Orange] ice cream was wonderfully dark, creamy, and rich. It was similar to FRESH’s double chocolate flavor, but this version had an extra bit of delicate orange essence in each bite."

Sweet Tea & Wheat-Free Blog


As Fresh & Local As It Gets.

“If it's fresh and local you're yearning for, Wild Blueberry or Watermelon should do the trick."

North State Journal



“Whether it's in a banana split, shake or good ol' waffle cone, this sweet spot on Glenwood lets you treat yoself to hand-dipped ice cream from grass-fed cows.”

Offline Media